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the story of acoustagrip. albert stern, the concert violin soloist who invented the acoustagrip most revolutionary and amazing violin and viola shoulder- rests and cello pads, has a charming story behind his patented violin shoulder- rests and cello pads.

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click the button below to add the acoustagrip protege youth shoulder rest in charcoal ( 11" and 12" viola; 1/ 2 violin size or smaller), by stern sound to your wish list. related products acoustagrip soloist shoulder rest ( 12" viola and above; 1/ 2 size violins and above), by stern sound $ 37. the acoustagrip lessens and diminishes a musician’ s sores and marks on their chin, neck and collarbone • acoustagrip allows constant freedom, no rigid, vice like gripping to the violin.

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the soloist violin/ viola shoulder rests offer 3 unique layers of acoustical material, each of a different density and responsiveness. the acoustagrip shoulder rest offers a brand new solution to a common problem for violinists.

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This proves to me that both is perfectly possible. That is the basic difference between the acoustagrip concert master and the soloist ( and also between the protégé charcoal and the protégé coloreds)! Acoustagrip bowgrips. The added layers are made from separate and distinctly differing acoustical materials.

95 bowgrip is a simple but brilliant device that promotes correct positioning for smooth bowing and ensures that your bow acoustagrip soloist booking does not allow the thumb to slip. Com albert stern introduces and compares the acoustagrip soloist and concert master violin and viola shoulder models of violin and viola shoulder rest. Free shipping for many products! And they don’ t. Hold pad by the sides only ( similar to a cd).

Acoustagrip concert master shoulder rest basic model offers all the many acoustagrip benefits. The white layer gives the soloist violin shoulder rest added projection, increased resonance and allows acoustagrip soloist booking acoustagrip soloist booking the musician to create the maximum overtones for the violin or viola. The acoustagrip sticks without glue or clamps with no damage to the varnish, edges or back of your violin or viola. The 2 layer construction of the acoustagrip concert performer is a key feature.

Browse acoustagrip products acoustagrip at musician' s friend. 95 midnight black bg704 $ 4. The other layer is unique as it attaches simply with air to the back of your instrument using micro- air technology. The 1697 napoleon' stradivarius and the 1778 delay' guadagnini enjoyed acoustagrip for many.

One layer is made from special acoustical materials, delivering enhanced sound and ultimate comfort. The acoustagrip increases volume and overtones by not clamping onto the acoustagrip soloist booking edges. Free delivery for many products! A new violin shoulder rest that places the instrument in a natural position in order to maximize comfort and precision control. Product line is available is several models & height to suit your personal preferences. Unique material allows secure hold without clamps so vibration of wood is not impeded; very acoustagrip soloist booking comfortable, ergonomically designed and will not fall off.

The soloist' s ergonomic design sets the violin or viola' s position at the most favored angle for ease of performance and the best sound projection. Now, with the acoustagrip shoulder rest, you can play your instrument the way it was intended! Acoustic soloists, wedding bands and musicians for hire.

Clean your instrument’ s back ( no polish or oils). Book acoustic soloists for your next function from perth' s largest online directory for musicians and entertainers! Acoustagrip violin shoulder rests * * special* * 30% off note: to maintain the gripping strength of the acoustagrip shoulder rest, please click on the following video.

Shop and save on our amazing selection of acoustagrip acoustagrip soloist booking instruments & accessories at the woodwind & brasswind. 6 acousta grip master shoulder rest [ 31029] - concert master violin & viola the 2 layer acoustagrip soloist booking construction of the acoustagrip concert master is a key feature. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for acoustagrip soloist shoulder rest for violin & viola at amazon. Enjoy the lowest prices and best selection of acoustagrip violin & viola rests & pads at guitar center. The acoustagrip soloist violin shoulder pad is the same as the concert master in shape and size except it has a third layer of foam of different density giving more projection acoustagrip soloist booking and resonance.

When performing as a soloist we wish our instrument’ s sound to be more bright and noticeably defined. Acoustic soloists in perth for acoustagrip soloist booking hire. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for acoustagrip violin shoulder rest 4/ 4 - 1/ soloist at the best online prices at ebay!

Acoustagrip instructions most important: “ never” touch the “ attaching surface” finger oils & soiling stops the acoustagrip from “ clinging” to your instrument and may void your warranty! The soloist uses no clamps or glues that would stop acoustagrip soloist booking the wood' s vibrations or damage the violin' s finish. The 2 layer design of the acoustagrip concert master thick violin & viola shoulder rest features an added 1/ 2″ of thickness for individuals with longer necks or those who prefer acoustagrip soloist booking more padding. One layer is made from. The 1st layer consists of our custom designed and produced acoustical materials, delivering superior acoustagrip soloist booking sound and extreme comfort.

So there is not one answer for everybody. For more information, visit. If there would be one ideal shoulder rest ( or none), every single soloist would use it. The latest unique design in violin and viola shoulder rests, fitting 1/ 2- 4/ 4 size violins and acoustagrip soloist booking 12" violas and above, the acoustagrip shoulder rest attaches easily underneath your instrument and adjusts to the shape of your shoulder. Crystal clear bg701 $ 4.

That' s why the acoustagrip shoulder rest attaches securely to the base of the instrument, avoiding the instrument' s major acoustic components. Shop and save on our amazing selection of acoustagrip violin bows at the woodwind & brasswind. The official youtube channel for the acoustagrip violin and viola shoulder rests, cello pads, and the bowgrip. One layer is made from special acoustical material, delivering enhanced sound, ultimate comfort and a secure hold while protecting against bruising, sores and marks on your chin, neck and collarbone and relieving shoulder pain.

Most orders are eligible for free shipping! There are fantastic violinists playing without acoustagrip soloist booking shoulder rest and there are fantastic violinists playing with shoulder rest. Greatest advance in violin shoulder acoustagrip soloist booking rests in 60 years. 95 acoustagrip soloist booking ruby red bg703 $ 4.

Acoustagrip shoulder rests gives the player a secure grip without discomfort and rigidity. No clamps that mute the violin’ s sound. < br> < br> the soloist’ s ergonomic design sets the acoustagrip soloist booking violin or viola’ s position at the most favored angle for ease of performance and the best sound projection.

95 azure blue bg702 $ 4. Book acoustic soloists from australia' s largest online directory for wedding entertainment. The violin and viola were originally designed to be held between the shoulder and the chin, not by their edges. 3 multi- layers give acoustagrip soloist booking this model maximum sound volume & increased resonation. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The latest tweets from acoustagrip soloist booking acoustagrip a violin shoulder rest that acoustagrip soloist booking places the instrument in a natural, ergonomic position in order to maximize comfort and precision control while playing.

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with acoustagrip, you can have the secure grip of a traditional shoulder rest without suffering the constant discomfort and impeded movement. the additional 3rd white layer has a different density and response of the acoustic material, which allows the soloist additional projection, increased resonance and maximum overtones - which can produce a violin or viola. 1 x acousta grip shoulder pad soloist.